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How to Optimise Your Title Tags using Google AdWords

A simple guide to using Google Adwords for better SEO & more effective title tags.

If you are a professional SEO agency, SEO consultant, or simply a small or medium business owner who is taking on the role of search engine optimisation professional, then undoubtedly you have been flooded with information about tips, tricks, and techniques to improve your search engine presence. the problem is that many of these articles are optimised for SEO themselves, which means that they are extremely long, and difficult to Wade through if you want to get to the bottom of what is actually useful. For anyone who has read a page one article about an SEO technique, chances are you've had to set aside a significant amount of time just to read it.

Today, we want to share one simple SEO trick from Safari Digital SEO Agency in Sydney -experts that you can do to give yourself an instant boost in rankings. We don't want this to be a long article that you have to set aside an afternoon to read, instead we want to concisely share information that you can easily action.

How tip for today is to use AdWords ads as a guide to make a killer title and description tags that are engaging as well as optimised. It's no secret that creating compelling title tags and description tags that stand out in the search engine results Pages is one of the most difficult things to do for search engine optimisation Professionals. You can spend hours thinking of ways to stand out from the crowd and create title tags that are completely optimised for your search terms. But if you want a really good guide one of the easiest things that you can do is to look at Google AdWords.

The thing is your competitors are using these AdWords to drive more traffic to their website, and they are paying for each individual at placement. As a result, they can't afford for these ads to be sloppy, they all need to be optimised and ensure that they are getting the maximum CTR so that they are seeing a return on their investment. As a result of these title tags are extremely well researched and often written by AD agencies to ensure that customers are getting the most for their spend. What we recommend is that you use these title tags and descriptions as a guide for your own Landing Pages.

It sounds simple but getting a click-through rate from search and result Pages is actually one of the most difficult aspects of SEO. Think about the amount of time that you spend to ensure that your content reaches page 1 of Google, and then think about how much time you spend ensuring that people actually click on your content. Chances are you'll spend the majority of time getting to page one without actually thinking about the next step for your potential customers. By placing a greater emphasis on title tags and meta descriptions you will be ensuring that when your dad is viewed you are getting a higher click-through rate.

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